The Daily Babble
2001-06-19 03:17:48 (UTC)

Why Are Boys Such Jerks?

Ok maybe that's a lil harsh, but for those of you who don't
know, its a quote from Darla of The Lil Rascals. =-)

Lemme I'm walking over to the Registrar's
office this morning during my break from class, minding my
on business, right? I'm wearing dark blue jeans and a
black top, nothing special. I had to walk by those
construction workers working on Laurel who were taking
their breakfast breaks...So first I
hear "OOoooolalaaa"...which I ignore thinking it would
never be to me...Then I see them nudging each other, saying
that down the line, and literally turning around to watch
me walk away!

So of course, I feel all weird about walking back again to
get to class after I'm done at the office. So I try to
walk by quickly so that they don't notice...and just as I
get to the coroner, I hear "OOOoooooo Mamasita!" I'm
like, "what the hell!!"

Class actually wasn't too bad out a lil after
11...On the way to work, I stopped off at John's Pizzeria
again for pizza and fries...They have yummy food! I
couldn't finish all the fries so I took them to work.

Work was ABSOLUTE HELL today!....I think its probably been
one of the worst days so far. The patients were EXTREMELY
rude and bitchy. One of the doctor's had left for an
emergency surgery at Valley Hospital and never informed his
patients. So of course they came in and took it all out on
me. Then there was another guy who was all rude and
wouldn't give me his insurance info and would barely fill
out the patient information sheet! Plus, he actually had a
3:30 appointment, but at 3:15 he kept insisting that he had
a 3:00 appointment and yelling that I was making him wait!

I tried to sneak upstairs a few times to relax but
everytime I did that, the phone would ring or someone else
would show up. At one point Muhammed brought ice cream
from Carvel for everyone and I didn't even get the chance
to eat that til it was halfway melted! Muhammed started
teasing me and Nimra about starting the first annual Merkem
[the name of his software company] car wash!...Its pretty
cool working with them cuz we just bust on each other, but
working with the patients downstairs is getting to be too
much! I threatened Muhammed and said I was gonna quit so
he actually called an agency looking for a fulltime person
to do what I do! Schweet!

My makeshift desk is now set up so that's where I should be
tomorrow morning. But Nimra has to leave early afternoon
fro the doctor's s that means I'm back downstairs by
myself! That should be fun!...woopeee.

Of course I was also late getting outta work. No matter
when I say I have to go, I always end up leaving at least
15 minutes later!

Today was the last real nite class. The next two classes
are just presentations. I admit class was kinda boring,
but one kid next to me actually whipped out a labtop! How
rude is that! My presentation will probably be done for
Thursday cuz right now I'm just too tired to work on that!

Hmm...what else? Oh I talked to Elaine last nite soo that
was fun! She might come over to hang out soon and meet my
parents so maybe I can go to her house soon! She's so cute.

What else, what else? Oh one of mine and Jeff's songs came
on the radio at work so of course I thought about him!
"Oh my darling I...can't get enough of your love baby...I
dunno I dunnooo why...I can't get enough of your love baby!"
Sound familiar? It should if you've seen "Down to You" =-)

After class let out, I went over to the Clifton Main
Library for some books and when I went to check them out,
the girl was like "Oh wow, I didn't know they had books on
this!" So I told her it was for a paper and she said "oh
you should interview me, my fiance is Puerto Rican"..I
said "yeah mine's filipino!" hehe.

MM...I guess that's all..I should go work on that paper stuff.
Talk to you all later!