*Jill's Thoughts*
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2002-06-13 05:50:52 (UTC)

*Drivers ED*

woah, I've been taking drivers-ed for the past 3 days and
MAN it is so boring. But its all good cuz i get my permit
right on my birthday.YEAHH finally 15. I hate having a
summer birthday I feel so much younger than everyone else.
Oh well though...I think I can get over it!

Jay has ditched me 2 times in 2 days. It really pisses me
off man. Its not even cool! I don't know what he is
thinking but hes starting to loose my friendship but i'm
not gunna tell him that. If he felt so bad about how he did
it the first time...how could he have the guts to do it
twice? well, it hurt the first time but now...Im just

Today, we had a game and we tied! whoa not like anyone
cares. But after I went to Travis's with Tyler and Mike.
Tyler kissed me and told me he likes me again and I don't
know how I feel about that cuz he is so gay. I fall for him
too! Not like Jay but idk...different. It's weird. I know
that I shouldn't get involved with him again though. He
told me he doesn't want to cuz of Jay and Kevin. Wtf...that
is some gay shit.

But im out 4 now!! Peace babe's!!

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