Just Shane

Just Shane
2002-06-13 05:47:57 (UTC)

Going slow

Things seem to be going ok. We got a record lable looking
into signing our band. I got so much paper work i have to
do from all the things my father left me. I get to go and
see my aunt this weekend. She has been getting around ok
from what she said on the phone but she still seems to be
acting strange. I think something is wrong. I will find out
what is up this weekend. i just need this time away from
here over the weekend to hopfully do me some good. I talk
about how i always feel alone but for some reason i need to
be away from people for a while. I need the road to tell me
a story. I need to find an answer to my questions in the
stars. Things need to go for shane. I need this summer to
have something good happen to me. I just need something
that shows that i am worth it to someone. i dont want my
life to be the over played song on the radio. I will find
the new. It has to happen soon.