my confusing ,shitty ,boring life...yay
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2002-06-13 05:29:13 (UTC)

no one really cares

ok well i hate this place all this shit is crazy round here
i hope no one reads this but whatever i dont care...well
first off....i wanna get the hell outta fl its to damn gay
here!!! but i scared for the simple fact that ill have to
leave everthing behind me but my friend scott helped me
relise alot of shit like the fact that i will eventually
have to do it on my own but all my friends here wount
listen to me ..they will be sorry when i move ..lol they
wount know what hit em...well thats if i decide to move out
maybe ill just go move into my own house down the
road...wether it is far away or just 2 blocks i have to do
something its becoming awful here at my house ..i just have
a lot of stuff holdin me back right now i am finacially in
the hole!!!lol...well anyways...my life is a big stupid
mess...later....bye....kit kat..a.k.a..sarah