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2002-06-13 05:08:09 (UTC)


Yea... so Tuesday night i had soccer practice. After
soccer... some of us went to get wings. That was fun.
Today, i went to Latrobe... it was a fun experience. I like
visiting Latrobe. It is nice to get out of the ville. I got
my report card today... and of course my damn dad wont get
off my back. I have to live my life how he wants me to.
School is over... so i dont really care anymore. I am not
even ever home and i am still really sick of my family.
Remind me not to wake up until 11 ... when they are all
already at work. My parents wont give me any money for
anything... they are on my ass about a job now. I stole a
little bit of money out of my moms purse today. I feel
really bad about it... but hell... u gotta do what you
gotta do. Tomorrow... i dont really have any plans... but i
have to do some stupid driving thing at the school for
drivers ed... but that shouldnt take too long.
Well..... Later

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