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2002-06-13 04:59:23 (UTC)

Commie Smurfs!!

go there! that explains everything! lol

jay dre and bob came over earlier. me and dre still didnt
talk tho lol. :-/. (online:)
me: i was just wondering y dre still hasnt talked to me lol
me: hes been sayin it for 2 days and still hasnt...
jay: he says maybe another day
me: well y didnt he today?
jay: he doesn't know why
jay: he says hes a moron
me: well he could always just tell me right now
jay: ..."yes why not dre".........
jay: he would rather tell u in person, "just not now he
me: :-(
me: i wanna kno what he wants to say tho
me: well whenre we gonna talk then?
jay: he says when we have the time
me: :-(...we had time!
me: i wanna kno whats so important
jay: he says when there is a good time, so my advice to u
is hang in there
me: there was a very good time yesterday...

oh well...whenever he gets around to it i guess.

i just ate eggos:-D...we are outta butter tho. *sigh*
well gnight then. ciao babes! :-*


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