Phil's Nonsense
2001-06-19 01:03:54 (UTC)

Covering for Yesterday (61801)

Yesterday was wierd. Slept till 3. Got up, did some web
page work, went over to Jim's to talk over the website,
went to Church (brought my dad), came home. Not much
happened. Paul got home.

I don't think people really know how much making a good
webpage takes out of a person. They see people posting
websites up the wazoo using Geocities and using programs
like Front Page. They think form mail and suggestion pages
and cute animations are easy. Well, if they are from
template, yeah, someone already did the work. But those
templates look generic and are very narrow when working
with them. You want some custom logo to fly across the
screen and do some twirly thing and then morph into another
shape and such, that's at least two hours of work, more if
that morph thing takes up too much time.

People don't like what they don't understand. What's
worse, when they don't understand it, but think that you
do, they think it's easy to you, as if it just landed in my
head overnight. No, I didn't have to buy books and
programs to do this stuff. Of course I learned it all at
once. Just like a doctor. Seriously, if a doctor was
doing surgery on you, would you be rushing him to get it
done in 15 minutes so you can pick up your kids at soccer?
I sure as hell hope not.

The geeks. It's funny, we pretty much rule the world
(Gates), and yet we are slaves. What do you think would
happen if they just shut down Microsoft (not the
government, but the actual Microsoft people). Everyone
bashes the company, and yet, if they were to suddenly fall
off the Earth, everyone would be complaining about them not
being there, that everyone now has to settle for OSs such
as Linux which is great, but doesn't offer as large of
support. (I'm not gonna touch Mac)

I hate people. Individual persons are OK, but people, I
just can't stand them.