Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-13 03:10:11 (UTC)

When you work on your website at 4am instead of sleeping you know you're freaky!

I finally finished my "about me page of my website. It's
linkarific and most of the links don't work. HTML is such
a long, and boring process, but I'd rather do that than
sleep. I don't know why though, I on't have nightmares or
anything. Maybe I'm subconsciously scared of darkness or
something else that ridiculous. I never could work myself
out when I needed to. So many unresolved answers, so
little desire to hear them. Nuts to that. I am content in
life right now and don't need anything else attempting to
destroy my mood.

Apparently, there was no room at whatever home thing
Stuart was supposed to be going to so he's going to have
to wait up to 21 days before he goes. He's not getting his
PlayStation 2 no matter how long he's out for, its mine!

I need feedback, I feel all lonely, wahhh!
Wakka Wakka Wakka!