enigmatic contemplation
2001-06-19 00:46:22 (UTC)

hole in the wall

i could punch a fucking hole in the wall. I know what they
are doing. They are fucking. He told me they wouldnt but
they are. What pisses me off the most is that this shouldnt
even bother me. It shouldnt matter. He said he loved me
before he left. (scream) I am going absolutely insane. I
wanna be there. I want him inside me.. not her. FUCK HER!!
He doesnt want her.. he wants me. He told me. I know. Grr!!
Does he feel like this when im away? I bet he doesnt. Who
knows. I sure dont. I want to be with him. I wanna see. I
wonder what they are doing. I AM GONNA GO KRAZY. How could
he do this to me. She is so ugly. He should be with me. He
wants me.. so why isnt he with me. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!