No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-06-13 01:30:36 (UTC)

depression sucks sooo hard!

i feel like shit right now. i dont even kno y. i cried
today and i had absolutely no reason to be upset. :-/. not
good. hope i dont have another one of those things! lol.
*shudder*...i really hate it when that happens.
i was such a bitch to dre too. i shouldnt take things out
on other ppl. i just wasnt in a very talkative mood ya
kno?! he keeps sayin he wants to talk to me but he didnt
last night and im not very likely to see him tonight. i
hate my life. i have barely any friends left, no bf, no
money. i find life completely pointless and utterly boring.
i like dre and jay and mike and bobby but u kno theyre
gonna get sick of me too! lol.
staff development day was istachatta. :-(. soo
many dead possums. yuck. and the bathroom didnt work. and i
just hate the ppl. i ended up in the ghetto tryin to get
outta BV again. like usual. not good. oh well.
noones here. imma go die now. have a nice day.

if u were a lost cause, what cause would u be?
oh i have so many...happiness, honesty, tru (requited)