Darkness no Himitsu

Beneath the Elysian Fields
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2002-06-13 01:24:22 (UTC)

Cassie's Long Journey

Cassie set off, on her own. She left the group and was
uncertaian of what she may find.

She continued down the path, it wasn't eerie or dark, but
yet it wasn't pleasant, so she didn't really mind. She had
a pack with her, full of supplies that she'd need, this
pack was given to her by Sucio. She couldn't help but
remember the sorrow on his face,
"I have to go, I need to find Jase"
"I know, but I was hoping to find him, with you. I wanted
to meet my son."
"Maybe it's for the best that you don't. Just remember
that he loves you and he's a great guy!"
"Thank you Cassie, maybe you're right, please be careful,
and take care"
"I will, thank you, I will miss you. Who knows, maybe
we'll meet again someday!"

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