Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-06-13 01:21:17 (UTC)

titlez r shit

today uhh justen and josh came over and were gonna chill
wit me and erin but we had to go get jordan and allen. when
we went to get dem, justen and josh left. oh well. anywayz
we chilled wit jordan and allen. erin and allen were
flirtin' a lot. i mean i dont think itz wrong bcuz jeremy'z
been cheatin' on erin for monthz. but now shez pissed bcuz
i didnt tell her dat he cheated on her. ok i would have but
nothing i say she believez. i told her a couple dayz ago
dat her momma told me she ahted jeremy. and she didnt
believe me. WHEN SHE DID TELL ME DAT. god y would i
lie 'bout sumthin' like dat. anywayz i didnt tell her
mainly bcuz she is really happy wit jeremy and i didnt
wanna ruin thingz between them bcuz damn SHEZ LUVZ HIM, but
another reason whuz bcuz i told her a couple monthz ago dat
her whuz dating another gurl and dat it whuz all around my
school. but she didnt believe me. now she thinkz i'm a bad
friend when really i whuz just protectin' her from da truth
cuz i knew she luved him and whuz happy wit him and i knew
she would be hurt. but shez pissed so oh well. and den she
got all mad and started talkin' shit on da internet. i hate
it when people do dat. cuz she wouldn't say it to my face
so why say it on da internet. itz da pussy way out. anywayz
i dunno 'bout dat. she alwayz doez this. alwayz sayz shit
she'll regret and she never believez me and she alwayz seez
da bad in everything. i guess it never accured to her dat
mayb I WHUZ PROTECTIN HER...oh well i cant do anythin' now.