Lenore the fool

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2002-06-13 00:43:18 (UTC)

Fuck you

Fuck you. YOu don't want to be my friend fine fuck you you
don't want me to talk to you about my problems fine I can
shut up...do you know how long it took me to tell you? I can
hide it believe it or not I'm really good at hiding what's
going on in my head. Either that r the rest of you are
really stupid..you were completely oblivious to what I was
doing until I told you and then you were shocked. Fuck you!
you suck so bad i needed a shoulder to cry on and you weren't
there. You said you'd always be there just call...but you're
always busy. I don't matter anymore so fuck you. Thanks for
always being there when you said you would asshole. Suck you
you don't wanna be my friend fine I don't need you. Think
you're the only one with problems? Guess again and you know
what I haven't even pulled half the shit you pulled on me I
just wanted a friend and you can't even do that. So you know

FUCK YOU!!!!!!


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