Diary of love
2001-06-18 22:38:16 (UTC)

I'm bored

well I'm really bored. I'm just sitting here waiting for my
boyfriend to get his ass online. ::sigh:: its hot and im
tired ::yawn:: i onyl go 2 hours of sleep last night. i had
major insomnia like no other. so i just kinda dreamed a lot,
thats mostly what kept me awake. i was thinking about jason
too. its only been a little over 24 hours since i last saw
him, but im gonna go crazy if i dont see him. Its like a
drug im dependant on and im going through withdrawl. i dont
know where he is right now. i dont think ive ever loved
someone so much in my entire life before. its totally wierd.
i know that he is the guy i wanna spend the rest of my life
with though. he understands me better then anyone else and i
trust him more than anyone. i consider him one of my family.
i never thought i would fall in love. especially with my
best guy friend. the feelings were there before but i kept
them hidden. i knew he liked me. but it was the tongue ring
that set off the whole thing. it all happend so fast. im not
even sure how it happened it just did. the situation was
completely un-passable. the window of oppertunity was open
and i was not gonna shut it. im not sure how much he likes
me but he says he never wants to leave me. i hope nothing
bad happeneds. if i was a christian id be praying my hands
off. but as a wiccan i can just hope.

on another topic of a different mood...
my mother is really really pissing me off. shes '39 years
old and can do and go where ever the hell she wants' but
when i wanna go somewhere simple its a no. the fucking bitch
has got it coming to her. when she least expects it shes
gonna get it. she took the alcohal out of the cabnet and did
something with it. all that matters is i cant have any. she
still wont stop searching my room. that really pisses me off
too. so every oppertunity i get to go snoop in her room i
take it. sometimes she even takes my stuff, but then i go
and take it back. the bitch is a bitch and theres nothing
else to it. shes jelous because i have a boyfriend now and
she doesnt. well shes the slut who has sex with interne