2001-06-18 22:13:58 (UTC)

on a stick

do you ever SHUT UP?
i mean ... just for a fucking minute? get the goddamn
picture in your head. stop flipping sides. stop it. let me
go or cut me loose. one or the other. i cannot take your
bullshit anymore.
yuo KNOW there is noything between us but the past and
material shit now... so cut it out. get the fuck off of me.
stop fucking touching me.
get out of my bed. oh wait i can't call it mine.
ill get the fuck out of here.
it should not be like this . you do this shit to yourself.
it could be so godammned easy.
why dont you just call up elizabeth or dominatrix or
whatever the stupid band mattresse's name is...
got get
some. i swear .
has it come to that?
i think this is far beyond love and loving. this is way
into the realm of obsession.
i cannot take it any longer.

i just cant talk about shit to you . everytime i try to
you totally relate it to YOU somehow.
the fucking world does not revolve around you. i know you
think it does but..shit
you are so mistaken....