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2002-06-12 22:46:00 (UTC)

A Scorcher

It was hot today. To get up to the upper 80s in early June
is unusual for us. It's usually still cloudy and cool with
showers until we're well into the month. I'm not
complaining though. I may complain if the weather starts
getting into the 90s and beyond but for now, I'm enjoying
the heat and the sun.

I was out in the garden early this morning. I made certain
Shep had his breakfast and plenty of cool water to drink
and then began working on transplanting the tomatoes and
peppers to bigger pots. The tomatoes already have blooms on
them so I have hopes for early tomatoes this year. I
watered everything in the greenhouse, the pots outside, the
hanging pots and those on the front porch.

And then I went inside to play. I went back to my
Hollyhocks and Hearts wallhanging, cutting out the leaves
and stems, the birds and hearts and flowers and buds and
began appliquing them down.

John's mother had brought us some strawberries from her
garden on Saturday. We had them on shortcake on Monday.
There are few left, just enough for John's breakfast cereal.