AnGeL's Day by Day Diary
2001-06-18 22:12:43 (UTC)

06/18/01 First Entry

Welcome to my diary hope you all enjoy following me on
my life. My name is Allison I am 16 and a resident of
Illinois (longing to live in Cali). Im 5'6, 120lbs. I have
Auburn hair with blonde streaks and hazel eyes. Im an
aspiring artist/singer/dancer/actress. I'm gonna apologise
ahead of time cause my first entry is a bitchy one but
right now I am in alot of pain cause I really messed up my
back and to make matters worse when I went to my bro's
hockey game a guy made a slap shot and the puck went over
the plexy glass and nailed me in the back. I guess that is
what I get for showing school spirit. I may need to invest
some money in a Kyropractor (S/p).
Well to keep my bitchy-ness on a role with my main
problem. PoPstars (ya know that show on the WB)Well they
are holding try-outs for the second season. I REALLY wanna
try out but you have to be 18. What a load!!! Age
discrimination sux!!! It should be illegal well it probably
is but I don't want to waste my time argueing with a major
network cause more than likely I will lose.
I guess I'm done bitching and I wanna thank you all for
listening. I hope I'm able to update reguarly but some
times I get busy or most of the time lazy!!!