Reality Bites
2002-06-12 22:34:51 (UTC)

Stressed to the max

Today was no doubt the most stressfilled day I've had yet.
History was easy, but math killed me. I cried through the
whole test I was so stressed out. Everyone was worried but
it's just the way I handle the stress. After class my
teacher who is the greatest told me he wont count it, so
that made me happy and relieved. After finals me and Alyssa
went downtown and visited our friends Steve, John and Erin
at the resteraunt they work at. They're so cute! We ate
with our other friends Jordan and Ian who are seniors. Then
we came home and my mom is gone until like 9 tonight so I'm
just chilling and not studying cause I have Spanish and
Religion tomarrow and I dont feel like studying...maybe I
will later but who knows. Luke was so cute today when i was
all upset. He didnt know what to say so he just kept
telling me he loved me and how it would be ok. I hope he
calls tonight. I gotta go to the gym..later