2002-06-12 20:20:54 (UTC)

Days Go By

i was watching them talk outside, realizing how little they
have left between them. there's no love to their
relationship, there's no passion, they can barely stand to
be in the same room. he doesn't agree with anything she
does, all she gets out of him is criticism and his
irritable mood swings and nervous breakdowns. there's no
legal bond between them, why are they carrying on with
this? im constantly being dragged between them, he'll say
to me, "So, tell me honestly. Was it worth knowing me? Will
you look back on the time your mother and I spent together
as nothing more than a huge pain in the ass?" of course i
can't tell him the truth. i have to say, "Of course it was
worth knowing you." anything else would be uncharacteristic
of me. i don't like hurting people. i have to protect
everyone from the truth that will harm them.