my entity
2002-06-12 20:16:56 (UTC)

praying and hoping...

im here at the office right now and i really wanted to get
outta here, not just because my efforts and hardworks are
not appreciated and commended but because i am not enjoying
my stay here anymore.

there's the crab mentality and favoritism thingy when it
comes to the management and co-employees, oh well..i dunno
what to think...

right now im really looking for a new job that will make my
skills useful. why is this so? coz im already on my way to
3rd year here but still things have not changed at all and
that i am loosing interest in the job and particularly in
the company. i promise myself to look for a new job and
will grab the opportunity if there's any at the middle of
this year...if in case my career goes into nothing and just
blank and now its already June, time to move and do

so im praying and hoping to have a better company where i
can offer my most prescious service and dedication when it
comes to work.


4:15 AM