A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-06-18 21:03:10 (UTC)

pipe dreams

iv been up for 2 days now and let me tell you, wow! sleep
depravation is awesome, im delusional and paranoid, my
state of conscience is causing me to be quite lathargic.i
get that from pot but this doesn't slow down my cell
regeneration, or drain my maritomon
Its A G cause i know I'll get good sleep, soon...
kids if your gonna go out and do drugs, stop! You don't
need drugs! You can envelop in sleep depravation, and kinda
get the same effect without destroying your brain process.
oh my sweet brain what have i done to you? im gonna need a
defribulator to kick start my mind, or a car battery with
some jumper cables. fuck it, what ever works right?

jeff tired, Jeff sleep now.... zzzzzzzzzzz