ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
2002-06-12 17:32:36 (UTC)

Ponderosa is sum BULLSHIT

well i hate working at ponderosa....dem niggaz dont kno
what the fuck they doin.none of us get a scheudle for the
week...like last night i didnt kno if i worked today untill
i went into work....and tonight i'll find out if i work
thursday and thursday i'll find out if i work frday...and
so on...i cant even plan shit...and i aint had a day off in
forever and prolly wont till monday cuz i HAD to request it
off cuz i have a smoking class that jeff issued me.
so i worked last night 4-close...we werent as slowe as
monday but it still wasnt busy...which is kewl cuz i have
more time to get shit done.well Kerry told me i might get
out early and then he was like no nevermind your here till
close.so i closed by myself and i kno i prolly did a half
assed job but oh well i was fucking tired.so then i had
like a whole pile of silverware and sum of the waitstaff
helped me...but i still didnt get out till 10.so i called
travis and he wanted me to come over.i bugged my momz about
it and i was allowed.so i went home and changed and then i
went over there.we sat around and hung out and watched
Fight Club....its weird cuz travis seems for real about
this...and he told me he was...he doesnt care that i dont
want sex...he said hed rather be with a girl thats gonna be
there and care about him then sum hoodrat that only wants
sex.he said hes had enough of that but we'll see what
happens.i KNOW his brother Joey dont like me...at
all....and i dont see why...maybe cuz im not all ghetto and
shit....geesh im sorry im not of a race other than white
and dont talk all thugged out or act "real" enough for
him....im not gonna stress it.cuz i aint his girl im
well Nat came in to work to see Kerry and she had Nash
and natasha and kaylan and racheal with them....racheal
said hi and i said hi back..that was it.turns out nash
dumped airi...and about half an hour after they left airi
came in a mess....she was all scratched up and crying.and
she talked to kerry and then left.it was fucked up....nash
needs his ass beat.
well imma go do sum chores and laundry before i get
ready to go to work.

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