The lost little girl
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2002-06-12 17:31:27 (UTC)

sorry it took me so long...

ok, the downlow about steve's party. um...i'm not going into
complete details. it was strange. but i deffinately did my
fair amount of " after 5"'s :):)...um...the party consisted
of Steve, Jimmie, Jeff, crystal, alex, tonya,chris and
myself. however Sis, justin, katie, carol, katy, nick, and
shannon stopped by. we had our good amount of fun that
i haven't been doing much since then. tommy ( my bro) was up
this weekend. not a whole lot of talk about that. i've been
hanging out with jes a lot more lately. so that's wicked
cool. i'm a little pissed about certain things right now but
i'm not gonna get into all that just yet...just remind me.
anyways..i'm gonna go..i'm downloading system of a down
videos...i will talk to you later -love you- janie

daily quote:
"The sky is falling, I don't care
I just want to feel good
Her train's leaving, she don't care
She just wants to feel good
The world is dying, we don't care
We just want to feel good
It's all over, we don't care
We just want to feel good"
- (hed)pe w/ serj " feel good"

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