Life as I know it.
2001-06-18 20:04:33 (UTC)

Doomsday to hit here at 6pm

Thats when Matt should be home reading that letter I wrote
him. God, why did I do it? To feel better...I know. I
just think its going to fuck things up...really...I do.
Whatever its all in the past, right? So why can't I get
that through my head.

On happier news in three hours I will be at my interview
for my museum job.....I cant wait=0)

OTher than that im closing this entry, got stuff to do...

ANd I think I got the job!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! Yeah if i get this
job life will be cool once again!

And matt never replied to my letter via email or phone cause I hope
he read the email I sent him to not bring it up. I just wanted him
to know things and thats all. No ploys to get back with him, just
had to say some things=0) Im a big dork. He was online just as i
was going to my job interview and I had no urge to talk to him caues
i was scared, of course im gonna be scared i probably poured my heart
out to someone who doesnt care=0/ Oy vey. But whats done is done, i
cant dwell on it.