2001-06-18 19:46:56 (UTC)


My brother's graduation is coming up very soon-it's on June
24.It's really kinda depressing...I mean, my entire life my
bro, Dan has been around, then all of a sudden he will be
gone. There will be no one left for me to ally with against
my parents, no one to pass Simpson's quotes back and forth
with, no one to know who all the peeps i talk about are, no
one to enjoy the same music with me....

And it's not just my brother, I have a lot of senior
friends who are graduation, senior friends, who unlike my
brother, I will probably never see again.I hate this! I
wish I could just freeze time....kinda like Groundhog day,
but for this year...I just wanna go on and on and on....As
much as I love change, I HATE it!! I really really do....