Thoughts inside my brain
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2002-06-12 13:09:48 (UTC)

Poems that I wrote last nite

I cried myself to sleep last night
Silently in my pillow
So no one would hear
I cried for myself
I cried for my family who cared
I cried for my future
I cried for I am not yet dead
I cried for not eating
I cried for my broken heart
I cried for the past
I cried for my unhappiness
I cried for the living
I cried for the dead
All my tears hidden in the darkness
they don't stop flowing
because life hasn't given
me a reason to stop crying

Sometimes life blinds us
It's hard to see the truth
but through all those tears
heartbreak and dissapointment
there is life worth living
So keep on treking
I realize it may get so hard it hurts
Do everything possible
to get through
lifes barriers
and be sure never to give up