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2002-06-12 12:45:30 (UTC)

i gave Brian my cell phone..

i gave Brian my cell phone number and here the darn thing
stopped working, guess it wasnt charged up like i
thought.LOL he siad he called, but, im afraid to look at the
missed calls, i know he isnt thre but he did know my voice
mail wasnt set up, so thre is a possibility he did call.LOL
Well, Bobby and i had a talk lastnight, he said he doesnt
want to get married again, i was hurt, but, i told him, well
if someone comes along and wants to marry me, you remember
what you just said, then he started talking about us getting
married again, so, im not going to worry about it, maybe its
better, i dont want a drunk for a husband, i cant live a
life like that.:(