Meshed Up
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2002-06-12 12:20:22 (UTC)


i got caught in a thunderstorm today and got soaked. good
thing i was wearing three layers of clothing so the water
didn't really reach my skin. still it was bad. the wind was
terrible...and i hate walking in the streets during a
thunderstorm. i keep wondering if i'll get hit by lightning
or not. and so i was rushing off, trying to force myself
not to run for cover, my heart pounding a million miles a
minute and praying silently to god that i don't get struck
by lightning.

well...i'm still here. so i guess i didn't get struck by


i am seriously sleepy. been feeling sleepy for the whole
day. must be the weather.


nothing significant to say..except that i have been
reminded of how paranoid i really am because of that
thunderstorm incident. i swear i was very scared. close to

and my cyst got sprayed on by liquid nitrogen again. and
the doctor did it twice! so pain again...but kinda liked
it. i like the stinging kind of pain for some reason.

i think i'm paranoid. very. is that bad?