Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-06-12 07:44:49 (UTC)

Some ideas and more thoughts and an outtake

the more I do this project, the more amazed I am of the
results of the project. I've written a lot of poems. At
least 200 of them. Most of them I won't use (at least in
this collection) but on the whole, I've written some solid
It led me to thinking about what I am going to do after the
book is out. I am thinking about open mics at night. So
up the way I may make a live cd of some of my stuff. You
have to start somewhere.
Next year I'd like to take my collection of poems and voice
about 30 of them on a one hour cd. It would be a very nice
little live piece to add. Maybe even work on videos with
some of them. For now though, the book is the top
Writing wise I have completed work on my novel and my short
story. I'm working on Real to You and There be Diamonds in
their eyes at this point. And some more poems of Course.
I think though (for sure now) that the writing of the poems
will be completed next month. After that, I'll take a
break from the poetry at least and hopefully engage in some
traveling. But it's amazing at the ideas you get as a
result of doing it...some of my poems would make great
videos...who knows? I may post them on my site.
Here's the first out take. It's called "Quantum". It's a
good poem, but I recently wrote a better version in my
view. Hope you enjoy this b version...


What's the big deal with this?
quantum is a term
a term that describes looking at things on a small scale
beyond the levels of the eye or the atom

which means if you take a moment
the universe is like lego
filled with building blocks
that fill the world with order

each block filling a function
making sure the universe runs
according to the concepts of tick and tock
in a pattern only the universe understands

as people
we could look at a quantum scale differently
we can look at it
through our thoughts and feelings

trying to figure out
what kind of person we wish to be
working to improve ourselves
one block at a time

we all want to be loved
so I think to myself
maybe if we make lovely thoughts
we can become something that people love

so treat others well
remember the golden rule
because that rule if done on a quantum scale
makes you that much more lovely

(c) 2002, Joshua Pantalleresco

hope you enjoyed the poem and have a nice day.
The Mad Scientist