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2002-06-12 06:14:38 (UTC)

School Girl

i knock on the door to his office. "You're late."
"Yeah, i know. Sorry."
"You will address me as Sir. This disrespectful attitude
of yours will not continue. Get in here." i enter. "I do
not like to be kept waiting. My time is valuable. Now you
can do a little waiting of your own. On your knees. Arm
stretched out to the sides."
"But Sir I cam here..."
"I know why you came here. But since you didn't give a
second thought to making me wait around for you, now you
have to wait around for me."
Reluctantly i knelt on the hard floor and held my arms out
to the sides. He took two heavy books and placed one in
each of my hands. "Now missy, don't move, don't make a
sound, and don't you dare drop those books."
"How long am I supposed to stay like this?"
"I said not a sound! You'll stay like that until I am
ready to begin your punishment."
The minutes felt like hours and the pain in my arms was
growing sharp. Finally he came over to me and reclaimed
his books. i started to stand up. "Did I say you could
get up?" i knelt back down. "Tell me why are you here."
"I am here to be punished."
"For what?"
"For not doing my work, for mouthing off to the teacher,
for fighting with the other girls, and for being late to
"That's four punishments you have earned. Plus any more
that you earn here today, such as not showing me the proper
respect. Do you understand?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good, then let's begin." He walked over to the big
leather couch in his office and sat down. "I belive we
should start with a simple spanking. Come here." i was
mortified at having to recieve a spanking like i was little
girl, but i knew better than to fight with him. "Now lie
down across my lap. If you are going to act like a naughty
little girl, you will be treated like one." i did as
instructed. "Now then, as I will only be spanking you with
my bare hand I think it best that you be spanked on your
bare bottom."
"But Sir -"
"If you argue with me I will only make it worse for you."
i shut up. With that he yanked my skirt up over my ass and
yanked down my panties. All of a sudden i felt very
vulnerable and very foolish. "Please don't squirm or fight
me or this will last a lot longer than it has to."
And with that, he brought his hand down on my backside,
hard. The jolt caught me off guard. i wasn't expecting
such force. Then another came. And another. His swats
rained down on me hard, over and over again. They were
getting harder and faster as he went along. i imagined my
ass was starting to get very pink. i tried not to squirm
but the pain and discomfort were growing.
"Sir. Please. i've had enough."
His swats did not even pause. "I will decide when you've
had enough. And if you feel privileged enough to dictate
to me, you obviously have not." The spanking continued for
another few minutes before finished abruptly. i stood up
and started to reach behind me. "Oh no you don't. Go
stand in the corner. Leave your skirt and panties as they
are. And don't you dare touch that ass!" My head down in
embarassment i went to the corner. "Hands at your sides
and I want your nose touching the corner."
"Yes Sir."
He went about his business behind me for about 10 minutes
while i stood there like a dumb schoolgirl. Finally he
spoke to me. "That was part 1 of 4 of your punishments. I
think it is time for part 2. You should be aware, each
punishment will be a little worse than the previous. Now
come here." i stood before him and was finally allowed to
pull up my panties and drop my skirt. My ass was throbbing
a little but not too bad. Yet.
"Next I think I'll use my leather flogger. For this part,
I want you bending over the back of my couch. You may
leave your clothes as they are." i walked to the back of
his sofa and bend over it so my head and hands were resting
on the seat cushions. He did not hesitate to begin the
flogging. The leather straps cut into my ass with a
thump. i soon realized that my thin skirt and panties were
no real protection at all. He hit with such force that i
had the feeling he was unleashing some built up agression
on my ass.
"Ow. Ow! Sir. Please. It hurts. OW! Stop Sir.
Please. OW!!"
"You just don't learn do you?" THUMP "You cannot tell me
when to stop. It is exactly that attitude which put you in
this position in the first place." THUMP THUMP THUMP "You
will learn how to behave. You must stop acting like a
spoiled little girl." THUMP THUMP THUP "Now I want you to
say that you will stop behaving like a naughty little
girl." THUMP
"Ow. But Sir."
"Say it or this flogging will never end."
"Ow. Okay. I will stop acting like a naughty little
girl. There. I said it. Now please stop."
"No." THUMP "Say it louder, like you mean it. Make me
believe it." THUMP THUMP
"Ow. I will stop acting like a naughty little girl."
"You're going to have to do better than that." THUMP
i repeated the phrase louder. The flogging continued. i
said it louder and louder until i was shouting it, almost
screaming in pain. "I will stop acting like a naughty
little girl!!!" Over and over i screamed it.
Suddenly, the flogging stopped. i was crying.
"I hope you are beginning to learn something. You can have
another break before the 3rd part of your lesson. Go kneel
in the corner with your hands on your head." i obeyed.
About 15 minutes later he called me over to desk. "Are you
ready for part 3?"
"Please Sir. I've learned my lesson. I will be a better
student and more respectful in the future. I'm very sorry
for what I've done and how I've behaved. Can't we forget
about the rest of my punishment? Please Sir."
"I'm glad to hear what you said. But no, you have been
acting poorly for too long, I intend to make a lasting
impression today. Now then, part 3 will be with my wooden
paddle. Please remove your skirt and bend at the waist
with your arms outstretched and hands holding the edge of
my desk."
My ass was still throbbing and the sound of the paddle
terrified me, but i didn't want to make things worse by
fighting now. i did as instructed. i removed my skirt and
assumed the position. "This time, after each stroke I want
you to thank me and ask for another one. Understand?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good. Then let's begin." CRACK The paddle slammed into
my ass like a jolt from hell. "Ow!"
"That is not the correct response. Say the phrase or do I
need to start your punishment over at part 1 again?"
"What? No Sir. Please don't. Thank you Sir, may I have
another." He was obviously reliving his frat days.
CRACK "Thank you Sir may i have another." CRACK My ass
was on fire and i could barely talk over my tears. "Thank
you Sir may i have another." I couldn't count how many
swats i was getting. i was crying like a baby. On and on
it went. CRACK "Thank you Sir may I have another." Just
when i thought my legs wouldn't support me anymore, he
"You took that very well. You can now rest before our
final lesson of the day. You may lay face down on my sofa
if you wish."
i did. i rested with my ass pointed towards the sky.
Maybe i should rethink my attitude afterall. About half
and hour i laid there; i might have fallen asleep if my ass
wasn't killing me. Finally i heard the sound i had been
dreading. "Time for part 4. Please come over here."
i stood before him my face still flushed and stained with
tears, my ass still on fire.
"The final part of the lesson today was only going to be 10
lashes, but since you were late and argued with me earlier
i have decided to up it to 15 lashes with my cane. Remove
your panties, bend down and grab your ankles. You will
count each stroke or it will not count at all and will be
repeated. Understand?"
"Yes Sir." Although i really did not understand how i was
going to bear 15 laches on my already sore bottom. But,
it's only 15, maybe it won't be too bad.
i got into positon and braced myself for the first blow. i
heard the cane swishing through the air for some practice
lashes. i had a strange suspision this was going to hurt.
SWISH i thought my eyes were popping out of my head. The
sting was worse then anything i could ever have imagined.
i just focused on remembering to breath. Then a voice
broke through the pain. "Would you like me to repeat that
"What? Um, no Sir. That was one." One? Just one? I'll
never survive 14 more! SWISH The intense burning was
indescribable. Through a clenched jaw i managed to
say "Two." Each lash came like a thousand needles cutting
into my flesh. "Three. Four. Five..." i was screaming
and crying now. At ten he stopped.
"Technically you have 5 more coming. But your ass has
taken quite a beating today and i do not want to seriously
injure you. Here's my proposal. You ass will be spared.
But the punishment must be delivered. If you agree to take
10 lashes on another part of your body, you do not have to
take any more on your behind. Do you accept?"
"Uh, where would i get the 10?"
"On your breasts."
i hadn't expected this. 10 lashes on my tits was not very
appealing but i thought i'd pass out from the pain in my
ass. i had no choice. "Agreed Sir."
i stood up and stripped off my blouse and bra. "Stand with
your legs shoulder width apart and your hands locked behind
your head. You may not move at all during the 10 strokes
but again you must count each one."
i obeyed. Oddly, standing naked before this man with my
ass on fire and tits about to be whipped, i felt myself
growing very wet. The first lash caught me off guard and i
almost fell backwards. Again the pain was more than i had
expected and i almost forgot to count the stroke.
SWISH "Two." SWISH "Three." At least the pain was
fresh, but my tits had never experienced anything like it.
The pain was severe but i tried hard not to cry out except
to count the stroke. He landed the 10th one directly on my
nipples and i doubled over in pain and as i
screamed "Ten!" i finally caught my breath and stood back
"You have done very well today. Let me ask you something,
are you very aroused?"
At first i wasn't sure i had heard him right. What an
inappropriate question. i was about to tell him so but
then i remembered i was standing naked in front of him and
he could probably see the juices running down my
thigh. "Um. Yes Sir."
"Tisk tisk naughty girl. Not only are you a bad little
girl, you're a painslut." i didn't know what to say so i
just looked down at the floor. "Would you like to be
punished again sometime, painslut?"
i whispered "yes Sir."
"Speak up girl! Tell me what you want."
"I want you to punish me again sometime Sir."
"I thought so. Here's the deal. Give yourself time to
heal. Come back to my office same time next week. This
time you are not allowed to wear panites and I want you to
have painslut written across your tits in magic marker
before you get."
"Yes Sir."
"One more thing, you will be ready to have your dirty
little pussy whipped the next time you enter my office.
"Yes Sir."
"Good. Get dressed and go take a long cool shower. See
you next week."
"Yes Sir. Thank you."