Nate S.

Self Starter
2002-06-12 05:35:20 (UTC)

Nag mail and my beautiful friend

Nag mail. You get it...i know you do. Maybe i need to set
my reminders for shorter periods of time. I just might
write more, but that's not a promise.

Some times i wish i had a tape recorder for my brain. I
think and think and think and think some more. I forget
most of it, thats why i don't write a lot down. I feel
kinda silly walking around work with a note pad and pen
tied around my neck and a tape recorder might make my
friends feel uncomfortable. So forgetting all my important
thoughts is quit convenient right now!

My life and my relationships have changed so much; my
priorities too. I'm a youth leader now. I am the bassist
for my church's woship team. I'm helping out in a drama at
my church and i think i'm generaly starting to feel a bit
lost. Don't get me wrong i love the service...but sometimes
i think i might be there for the wrong reasons. It's a
continious battle to be humble. Thats not something that
comes easily, expecially for me. I've never thought i had a
big ego...i just love my self! is that worng!? It sometimes
gets hard to step out of the light, especially when
everyone is looking at you. I like attention. So i'm
constantly willing myself to let go of the fame, the
attention, the shear fact that people know who i am. And in
that i think i've discovered my problem I'M trying to WILL
my feelings to change instead of letting God do it for me.
I think i'm on the right path least i see teh
hole in the to avoid it!

I love the kids i get to hang out with. They are soo
awesome! When i get to see them and spend time with them
everything in the world disappears! They are All important
and i live for the moment to spend with them. Tuesday
nights are awesome! Some people have told me that Jr
Highers are horrendous and diabolical. I've also been told
that a takes a special person to connect with them. I like
to think i'm special; and the kids are just energetic to
say the least!

My beautiful friend! My beautiful friend talks to me and
makes me feel special. My beautiful friend pushes me to
think differently and to strive to be better. My beautiful
friend encourages me even when she is weak; she lets me
know i am needed. My beautiful friend has a beautiful
smile. My beautiful friend Shows me that God is beautiful
and that life is full of endless possibilities. My
beautiful friend is humble. My beautiful friend has eyes i
get lost in. My beautiful friend is special, simply because
she is herself and makes no apologies for that. I love my
beautiful friend. Thank you for a beautiful friendship,

-Nathaniel V. Stiers

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