Reality Bites
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2002-06-12 04:36:22 (UTC)

2 down, 4 to go

I took science and lit finals today and those and spanish
will be my hardest. Tomarrow I have history and math. I
have math with luke. I didn't pay attention any of the 3
review days. I'm going to no doubt fail the math final. My
cousin came over and helped me study and I know it a little
better, but not much...oh well. My knee is swollen from
stunting yesterday...I think I sprained it cause it hurts
like a bitch. I'm so not telling my mom cause she'll make
me stop cheering and I wont do that. I'll just deal with it
and ice it and hope it'll go away I suppose. Gabe gave me
piggy back rides to my finals today lol. Hes nice like
that. Me, Alyss, Mia, and Rob and Gabe went out to lunch
after finals and I was BRAINNN-dead. No joke, I was done
for the day...maybe even the week. I'm hella calm right
now, a wierd calm though, like I'm all of a sudden gonna
remember something huge I have to do and then go crazy. I
saw Luke today for like second in between classes but other
than that I didnt. I talked to him on-line while Mia,
Alyssa, Carli, Shana, and Kiera were here, but that was
just confusing so he said he'd call me later which he
hasn't yet and probably wont since it's getting late for
the night b4 finals. I need to go shower and take a
sleeping pill and go to bed, I've been waking up in the
middle of the night from nightmares and I need the sleep!!!