Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-12 03:34:42 (UTC)

About a Boy (possibly called Alex)

Went to see "About a Boy" with Christine and Ruth. There
was some humour but most of the time Ruth and I were
demanding Hugh Grant and the boy with the demonic eyebrows
die for their overly sickening-sweet performances.
Christine apparently couldn't get enough of it by the way
she was acting. I also gave the leather coat to Ruth
whilst I remembered. She was genuinely glad to get it.
That made me happy, since she was happy. Been awhile since
I've seen anybody happy. Whilst in the car, Christine told
me that Sarah came to her house a few days back and went a
little crazy on her, claiming that Ruth had stolen Sarah's
grades at High School. Truley a sign of an unstable
personality there. Seems Sarah then proceeded to go to the
High School after Chrisitne tried (and failed) to get her
to go to the surgery where Christine's mother is Sarah's

Christine then went to the surgery and had a cry about it.
She says she felt useless. Can't blame her really. A
similar thing happened to her when a family friend who was
staying at the Murray residence actually killed someone
whilst suffering from schizophrenia. Christine's a good
girl but she hasn't become resistant enough to the
problems of others to help them too much. She hasn't
suffered enough to take other people's problems on her
shoulders along with her own.

After the cinema we went on another late night drive to
Glasgow. On the way, we listened to the Buffy Musical
songs on tape which Ruth oh so conveniently had in her
portable tape player much to Christine's dismay. She
doesn't like BtVS but Ruth and I love it. We were going at
it quite loud with the singing and the referential jokes.
We had a burger and drink whilst in Glasgow from the usual
late night burger bar we usually visit when we're nearby.
I hit Christine with the passenger side door when I opened
it to get the food. Purely accidental of course. Whilst we
were eating our burgers, some couple were eating each
other's facesacross the road. Being a complete loather of
all things romantic in public (namely because I don't get
to be romantic in public myself ever) it really maked me
peeved when I could see them in the rear view mirror. Stop
mocking me fate, wakka wakka wakka!

Ruth asked what was with the wakka wakka wakka thing, as
did Christine either before or after Ruth. Its the sound
Pacman makes when moving. It also has the added effect of
being the name of one of the characters in Final Fantasy X
(10) but Graeme will probably be the only one who knows

I got home around 1am. Father hadn't reformatted the
computer like he said he would but it only takes about 20
minutes so I did it myself when I got in. Been watching
Big Brother as well. Sandy is leaving tomorrow and evryone
used it as an excuse to get drunk and remorseful about
being stuck in a house, blah blah blah. Did some more work
on my website and uploaded some pics of me when I was
younger. No obvious links but anyone with any internetty
skill should be able to access them. Its 4.30am now and
its almost broad daylight. Soon it'll be the logest day
which means its not long till darkness descends on the
earth at an earlier time. Brilliant.

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