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2002-06-12 00:01:13 (UTC)

Downing - far from Carol

Today was the third day I could not meet Carol. It made me
to be in other places. Maybe I am staying away from what
I love.
Today I discovered another dog bited the pet dog. Even it
was eating its food. It bited pet dog. I made some thing
I could not make before. I kick the dog and it went away.
I did it because I thought pet dog so loyal and follow
Mel to her high school every morning in beginning of this
year. It deserved to be different than other dogs. They
think each dog is the same. Reason because dog bited the
pet dog to get its place. And it thought people would not
notice it.
It was not good but it healed the vacuum in my heart.
When they took female pet dog to nurse and never it came
back. It was not good to kick a dog but to defend against
another dog made me feel better. Because I almost left
female pet dog when people took it to nurse. They did not
need to do it. I think if it died or something like it when
they left. Female pet dog even it had been crushed by a car.
It was following Mel to high school every morning.
I had a dream about a flower that grows itself in a drop of
transparent issue. It was like transparent eyes of butterfly
or just some egg with flowers in it. Maybe a dream that means
lost feelings. Like the dream about little plants in rain
water pools in land.
I came back from big city and I did not see pet dog. Maybe it
is near from park and it would come back later. Or some coward
of streets called the yellow van. He was not corageous and liked
some beer and tried to be more brave than me. And he said foolish
things about dogs. He does not live in my home town. He just live
in job in a park lot in outside street.
Tomorrow I will only mind about my truly friends. They will see
how hero I am and how cold could be world for enemies and cowards
and false friends.
I left to pass to hug some friend of Mel. Usually I hug her every
day. Because she liked me since first time she saw me. If I do not
hug her. She would think good people are not cool. And she could
be more down with tough people.
Tomorrow another day in paradise.