¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-06-12 02:48:54 (UTC)

... Conspiracy.....

Well... I just got home from NC. I went down yesterday not
knowing what I was getting myself into.. Sherri *Conners
mom* got drunk off her ass and left Conner *6yr cuz that I
claim as my bro* in the truck with it still running on a
huge ass hill and the truck rolled backwards, rolled across
2 intersections and then smashed into a freakin tree.. But
hes here now and Im not letting him go back down there.
Yesterday Sherri was like "Im never drinking again.." and I
was like "Well its really fucking pathetic when you have to
let something like that be your damn wake up call." She got
pissed and wont talk to me, but thats just fine... But then
last night Lee *Sherris bf* came home from work and they
all started drinking so I took Conner outside at like 11
and we played kick ball or something.. I dont remember. But
I dunno... I hope everything is kewl with you.. Im still
grounded.. GRRR.. I felt so stupid and mean, but as soon as
I seen Conner and seen how hurt he was I went up to Sherri
and started cussin her, I wanted to hit her sooo bad, but I
didnt, I should have tho because now I regret not hitting
her. Is that mean?? THEN.. Adam comes in yesterday and Im
flippin grounded! WHAT THE HELL!
***************ITS A FUCKING CONSPIRACY***************
Well Conner is here and Im gonna go watch Ed Edd and Eddie
with him.. lol Cartoons are fuckin great..