sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-06-12 02:46:48 (UTC)


today is tuesday. lately ive been hanging out with my best
friend magge. on sunday we went to the allen town art
fesival and mingled with the gay people of buffalo. then i
went home and went to ed early. then yesterday we hung
around and we went to the drive in with fay last night. it
was fun but ifel asleep. then today i hung out at home.
yesterdaymaggie called joelle saying that she was pissed at
her bc she heard that she was talking about her. so im in
the back round so joelle hinks i told maggie that she was
taling shit about her, which is the last thing i need bc i
will see her on saturday and then we are gonna getin a
fight again. but now that school is over i cn tll her to
fuck off.

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