Jena's Rants
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2001-06-18 16:18:10 (UTC)

Within the challenges

Today, tomorrow, or in the next few days a difficult
challenge will come along. What will you see in it? What
will be your first reaction? Will you look at it as an
unfortunate setback, or will you find in it the opportunity
to grow and to move yourself ahead?
So far, you have made it through every challenge you ever
faced. And though they were often difficult, those
challenges ended up strengthening you. Now those past
challenges number among your most valuable experiences.

When you're confronted with a challenge, refuse to let it
intimidate you. Instead, look ahead to the other side. See
and understand the very real value of pushing yourself
through that challenge, of rising to the challenge, of
learning what it has to teach, of becoming strong enough to
transcend it.

The opportunities you yearn for are contained within the
challenges that come your way. Take them and make of them
the very most you possibly can.

-- Ralph Marston

Nah, common fucking sense.
People are lacking it in this day and age.
That is why we have to put unecessary warning labels on
every conceivable product, for example - Warning: Beverage
is Hot! on paper cups that our coffee is served in or
Warning: KY Jelly is not a food product!
Simple little truths like this can seem like wisdom when
the world is almost fully inhabited by fucking morons.


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