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2002-06-12 02:05:22 (UTC)

A Ho-Hum, Just Ordinary Day

This has been another one of those very quiet days. I did
a bit of housework and cooking this morning, puttered around
in the yard and did laundry. Gavin is spending a few days
with friends in Eugene. Hugh has school until next Tuesday.

I did start a new quilt project--Jan Patek's Hollyhocks and
Hearts. This is a wallhanging and shouldn't take took long
to complete. It came as a kit from her website. You can
see a photo of it at

I also ordered some newly published quilt books from two
places last week--one in California and one in Washington
State. I've received emails from both of them telling me
that my orders have been sent to me. I'm also waiting for a
package from Fed Ex. John ordered a piece of very old and
no longer available veneered wood made in France in the
1930's. He's going to use it to decorate a quilt rack he's
making for me for Christmas.

I glanced through the newspaper, read a bit of the Washington
Post on-line but didn't listen to any news on the radio or
television. Yes, it's important to stay informed but most
of what I read has nothing to do with me, I can't do
anything about any of it anyway and it just gets me
depressed. I'm better off just skipping it. I'll play
catch-up later because I will want to vote in November and I
want to be an informed voter but sometimes it just gets to
be too much.

Gavin and Jessica went to visit the Rascheins' whose son,
Dusty, graduated with Gavin. According to Gavin, Jessica
raved about the quilt tops I used for tablecloths at Gavin's
party. It turns out that Carolyn is also a quilter. I'm
finding out that there are quite a few women who quilt
around here but because there is no guild and very few
quilt shows no one knows who does and who doesn't except by
chance. I am planning on going to the Brownsville Pionner
Picnic quilt show which is later this month and maybe then
I'll find some more fellow quilters. The problem is that
there doesn't seem to be many who like primitive and folk
art quilts like I do but maybe I'll get lucky and find a
kindred spirit this year. We'll see.

The neighbor's dog is barking and howling again. I wish
they'd spend more time with that poor lonely beast. Some
people just shouldn't have a dog.