Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-06-12 01:27:51 (UTC)

Year 1; April to June 1998


Well, it had been an interesting few weeks. I think I met
about 30 people whom i'd never had met had I not gone to
that little cyber cafe. It will forever mark upon me the
importance of getting out there, and actually socializing.
I've always been a bit anti-social anyhow, but you know,
it's not that bad. I am actually glad I did it, glad to
have met and still hang out with a select few of the people
whom I met there.

It's around the 1st, I remember this because I it was the
day after Edith's birthday, now, I did not know that she
had turned 15, someone mentioned to me that she was 15, so
I guess I'd thought she was turning 16, not 15. This little
event becomes important. We were hanging out at the cafe,
(from this point on, when I refer to the "cafe", I mean the
cyber cafe, which until November of that year was the
central hub of existance for my friends and I), and I tell
her happy belated birthday, I rememeber birthdays for some
reason, not necessarilly whose mind you, and she gave me a
hug and asked me where her present was. I think I told her
I would buy her a $5 milkshake, with a double shot, so it
was a $7.50 milkeshake, not much of a present. This would
be a bad thing, now I don't take any credit for turning her
onto drinking as a sport, but some think her drinking like
a fish was at every party she ever went to that year was
partly my fault. So she guzzled it down and I asked her
where my present was, i was being my "flirt and be a sex
fiend" self, and she sat down on my lap, whispered in my
ear that she wasn't wearing anything under her pants. Well,
my hand slipped under the table, and well, I moved it
slowly towards that triangle fold over her pants, and
started to draw circles with my finger. Well, nothing else
happened, I occasionally slipped my hands over her breasts,
touched her neck, she had a nice neck. She had to leave
around 1am with her brother Benoit to go home, so everyone
who knew her got a hug, with the exception of me, instead I
got a kiss from her, while she was in the hallway going to
the washroom, and she told me to lick her finger, it tasted
kinda sweet, she winked and walked into the girls room. I
know what you are thinking, hell, so was her brother who
had been watching us the whole night. He looked at me, he
shook his head, and then chuckled.

Well, I am finally employed, I got a real nice job working
in an inbound call centre, it's great, I love it. Pays $9
an hour and I work from 11 to 7pm. unfortunetly I have to
wear a tie, blah. Oh well. And I am still doing some
auctions, only I have been picking the old film reals out
of the garbage can at my old workplace. The movie delivery
place, they are supposed to destroy the film prints, and
they are worth some cash here and there to the right
people. I got $2000 US for a print of Titanic, 8 reels of
35mm film, it was great. In total I had about 70 reels,
from Star Wars, to the 5th Element and a bunch of others.
The reels would usually go for about $100 to $300 a reel,
depending on what movie, where in the movie it was.


It's the 5th, and it's my birthday. There's a grrl at the
cafe, she'd been there as a regualr for about a month, she
talks to a few people here and thee, I've spoken to her
twice I think. Her name is Kristin, she is the first of
three kristins that I will meet this year. She was 19,
slim, raven haired with these intense green eyes. I'm
falling all over her, it's my birthday, so why the hell
not? Turns out, she just got dumped by her fiance for some
other girl, so, when I start to talk to her and explain
that it's my birthday and everyone in the cafe has to
celebrate, that means her too. So like everyone else, the
13 other people who are there all come to the bar, and we
drink like fish. Yay, my head hurt, too much smoke, that
was one birthday I won't forget. You see, Blair was there,
she was the girl whom I'd snubbed a month or so back in
favor of the redhead. So she pre-tended not to notice me
flirting with her, but man, she got sooo mad with me,
because I spent almost the entire night hanging with

Now, I am not that attractive of a guy, I know this, all my
friends know this. In my humble opinion, I think it was
because I was throwing around alot of money, buying drinks
for all my friends and taking them to dinner, that made
these chicks dig me. I was pulling in around $6000 a month,
what with my job and my internet auctions and such. I'd
bought a car, was renting a huge 2 bedroom with only myself
in it, and I had a TV and stereo system like no one else.

So, I invite kristin back to my apt, with Eric, John (I
think it woody) Blair, Jessica, Mylene, and Benoit. All I
remember really is that there were 3 guys, 3 grrls. Kristin
came into my bedroom with me, where I preceded in a half
drunken state to undress her, well, she just stood there.
It was really weird, I got her naked, myself included, and
started to kiss her, all over. She turned around and
crawled into my bed, spread her legs, I of course thinking
it was an invitation, went down on her, she grabbed my hair
and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going to
give her an orgasm, she just looked at me, for like 5
minutes, we just looked at each other. Then she started to
cry, I was in shock. I couldn't move, I just didn't know
what to do. so I put my pants back on, and just sat beside
her. I don't know how long we were there, but blair walked
in, saw that Kris was crying and told me to leave. I did,
benoit was passed out on the couch, and John and eric were
making out with jesse and mylene. I made some coffee, which
I actually don't like. And sat in the living room, watching
John with his hands inside jesse's pants making her giggle,
and eric trying to put his in Mylenes.

I think about 2 hours passed, maybe more, it was like 4 am,
everyone had left except Blair, we'd called kristin a cab,
blair was sitting in my leather chair reclining. She asked
if she could sleep on the couch. Now the thing about Blair,
she was 5'7', about 130lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, and
really kind of reserved about alot of things. She's really
nice, so I told her sure, why not. I went into my room,
took off my pants and slipped under the sheets. I woke up
around 2pm, thanking god, I didn't have to work, blair was
making pancakes, I told her I wasn't in the mood. She threw
one at me, I just looked at her, she came up to me and
threw another one at me, i was like what? So before she
could get another, I grabbed her, and we started to
wrestle, at some point I picked her up and threw her on my
bed, she asked me why I didn't like her. I told her I
thought she was rather pretty, she asked me why I was
flirting with her while hanging off of kristin, I think I
told her it was because I was more attracted to her than to
kristin. I turned and started to leave, when she asked
where I was going? She started to take off her clothes.
well, I tell you, I didn't leave my room for about 2 hours,
that was when I realized the pancakes were burning on the
electric grill. Blair had a shower, and left that evening.
I saw her about a dozen times more over the next few weeks,
we had sex, and a little conversation, nothing heavy, just
fun. She was going on an exchange trip to Greece in August,
and pretty much we never really spoke after that. I've
never told anyone I'd had sex with her, niether did she, I
guess it was just something either really special between
us, or she didn't want anyone else to know.

I'd wanted a relationship with Blair, she was so nice, and
we really clicked, we'd had some laughs about things, I
took her to dinner, she loved movies, and I think I was
starting to fall i love with her.

I don't quite rememeber much else about May, it was really
a short month, Benoit and I became closer friends, and I
continued to hang out with the guys. Still was making load
of money, and was still employed.


The hated month. The month where everything started to go
bad. Now at the time, I didn't know it. I thought it was
just one of those wierd times.

I lost my job in the middle of june, I'd come in late too
many times, and I smelled of vodka. Not good. I didn't
really care much, I was making good money selling film
prints, and I'd started to sell other stuff too, computers,
and hot collectible toys, movie posters, weird stuff.

It was in this month, where my best friend, Norm, decided
to leave his fiance, he moved in with me, I'd said no
problem. I'm like that.

My car died. In the middle of a rain storm, ben and I
pushed it 14 blocks to my friends backyard. About a week
later, I sold it for scrap.

I started to see kristin at the cafe again, she'd become bi-
sexual and had a girl-friend, can't for the life of me
remember her name, (although I did see her yesterday on the
bus with a new girlfriend, i was going to say something,
but I thought better about it) I remember at the time, that
I was a real jerk to her, I'd offered Kris and her grrl
friend $500 if I could tape them live, making out and strip-
teasing, no real nudity, except perhaps a breast shot here
and there, I was going to sell it on the internet, and
split the profits 50/50. We made the website, got the
camera, but in the end, they decided they couldn't go
through with it. I spent about 3 days trying to convince
them otherwise. To no avail. So, I had to refund all the
people who'd prepayed with credit cards. If they'd gone
through with it, we'd have split about $15,000, US mind
you. About a month later, they came back to me, we did it,
we made about $2000, this time. They didn't want to do it
again, I told them no biggie.

Still, hanging out at the cafe, my old friend Ivan starts
to show up, he's 37, he's someone I've known for about 3
years through other friends, he was dating some 24 year old
who was going to university. They were a bizarre couple if
I ever did see one. Lots of sex, lots of bruises, lot's of
lurid tales.

Still no girlfriend. I was flirting with every girl around
me. Roxy showed up, started to date Kirby's younger
brother. Kirby was dating Krista, this ukranian chick who
was very beautiful. Of course, Kirby was a fricking god.
nice abs, nice face, tall, athletic, all the things I