Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-06-12 00:13:25 (UTC)

The longest entry I got! and I cant think of a name for it!

This entry is going to be about the most important guy in
my life, I mean the most important! Well besides my dad...
of course. But this guy tops him in many different ways. Well that is
still kinda like its messed up, so let me say it differently. They
are both important. This sounds really weird. It is like not my kinda
Alright, my boyfriend means a lot to me, but I feel maybe I dont show
him that enough I mean, we kinda got in a fight today! It was a
little retarded but then again it was something that had to happen. I
feel as though he doesnt trust me. He says he does but why would he
dought me if he didnt have the thought planted into his head. I mean,
I could be over reacting to it and I probably am. I always do that a
little to often.
Alright, side note, what the fuck is this stupid shit on tv. I was
over barbie like 10 years ago! HELLO! alright, just had to have that
My man and I are so good together. I mean, we are really open with
each other and I mean open about everything. We started dating on the
26th of May so it has been two weeks. But I only saw him 3 days out
of all of it. See the thing is, we live like 300 miles away from each
other which really sucks. I am moving back to where he is though. I
kinda didnt want to get together at the time we did. Well when it
first happened.. I didnt know what to exactly say to him. I mean I
did, but then I didnt. I had good reasons for it. My best friend is
leaving and I am going to be a total wreck and I dont want him to
constantly have to worry. Because I know it would cut into his life
also because I know when she leaves all I am going to want to do is
lock myself away in my room. I mean yes I know that I can chose not
to, but it is a little hard. I love him to death and that is why I
said yes. I didnt want to say no but I dont want to bring him down
with me. My worries of that are still with me, but I know he wont let
me lock myself away. I can just see it now, me sitting in my room and
suddenly him bursting through my door, grabbing my hand and throwing
me in the car, and then taking me somewhere like dinner or back to
his place and he would take care of me. That is exactly how I see it,
I could be wrong but who knows.
Our first date was totally great. I mean, it was, even with the way I
felt about my worries and all. He came and picked me up and he was
wearing all black and he looked really good. See this date was our
official first date together with just us. Because we went to prom
but we went with our best friends also. Well anyways.. He looked
good! He got out of his car and he was holding a bundle of white
roses, my favorite. He gave them to me and said hi to my parents..
and they discused my curfew (EW) and then we got in to car. I had
pics with me so we looked at those. Well we drove to Visalia and then
got lost (men never know how to ask for directions hehe) And then I
said to him, "You havent kissed me yet!" and he said "I know, at
next red light!" 3 red lights went by so finaly at the forth (I
it was) I grabbed him and pulled him over for a kiss. When the light
didnt change, we kissed a little more. Then we found it, Red Lobster.
We went in and sat down. We argued about what side I was sitting on
and then I finaly gave in and sat down next to hi m and he put his
arm around me. But before I moved.. I was talking to him about
sleeping with another girl because we have been talking about our
future and it being with each other, and he WAS a virgin until prom
night. And I said he should go sleep with someone else before we ever
chose to get married or something, I think it is only fair that he
does that with someone else so he wont be worrying about it in the
future. But he said no... well anyways when I was in the middle of
talking about it he looked me in the eyes and said "Jenna, will you
go out with me?" And I looked at him and I said yes... alright well
sat with him and we talked and ate dinner. We fed each other, well
it was more of me feeding him. Oh yea.. I was wearing a black dress
and it kept riding up and I kept pulling it down... SIDE NOTE!
Well we got done with dinner and we went somewhere quite and got a
little frisky but that is something for me and him to know.. you can
use your imagination! GOD DAMNIT YOU BETTER!
Wow, this is like my longest entry ever! Let me see what else can I
say, um... well lets see.. if you have any feedback about this entry
or any other entry.. just tell me that... and you little fuckers who
sit there and give people shit for the stuff they write.. dont even
bother, cuz I will chase you down and beat the ever living shit out
of you! Well anyways.. send my your feedback and I will talk to you
Always me.. oh yea.. sorry about what I wrote.. got a little carried
away! AHAHAHAHA! Have a fun and sunny day.. LOL..