Visions Of Life
2002-06-11 23:39:19 (UTC)

Capital Punishment Done Right..

I just know this is going to come back and haunt me in like
30 year when Im running for president. Most Americans will
not vote for an extremist. Sure, many of us are closet
extremists in some sence, but the idea of a president being
extreme is frightening. Hense why politicians stick to
bland topics like taxes and all that crap. I dont recall a
presidential candidate talking about legalizing drugs,
enforcing stricter punishments or other topics that are
"controversial" Being extreme will not get you elected so
be bland yet convincing, then when elected, open the flood
gates of the extreme...

So last night I was watching somes show about torture and
punishment and it got me thinking. We should take a look at
somes of those old forms of punishment and perhaps alter
our sympathetic justice system. Lets say a guy rapes and
murders a woman and throws the body in a dumpster. He gets
caught and sent to jail. Ooh. What a punishment.. He gets
to hang out for a few years, have free food and shelter,
not have to work and gets to socialize day and night. Then,
when he is "reformed", he can venture back out into
"society" and commit more crime. That is bullshit. You kill
somebody, you should be killed. You rape somebody, you
should be raped then killed. Why should we give a fuck
about the slime of society. The world would be a better
place without them. Another thing from the past i liked was
branding criminals. Its like Scarlet Letter meets the
cattle ranch. You shoplift, you get a "T" branded into your
hand/face/back/wherever. Think you'll do it again? I doubt
it. Hav a T burnt into your flesh and one, you'll never be
allowed into a store again and 2, you will be shamed and in
pain. Agai, why should we care about criminals? Being put
in jail isnt that big of a threat. I think Ive even said
myself, "who cares if i get caught. One night in jail and
Im out or I can pay some money and be out in an hour. Pain
stops crime, a vacation doesnt. Hurt the fucking criminals.
If you are stupid or evil enough to do something illegal,
you need to be punished for it and by punished i mean
tortured. Horribly. If you dont want to kill the rapist,
castrate him. Chop a finger off of a thief is you dont want
to brand him/her. But, no matter what, a murderer needs to
die. And not by the pussy way of lethal injection. They
need something painful. I mean, there are levels of murder
so the killing should be done in levels too. For example, a
horribly gory murder should be avenged by slowly cutting
off body parts till the murderer bleeds to death where as a
gunshot murder should be avenged by a gunshot death. But
with a rifle and a shotty shooter. oops, i missed and hit
your arm.. Silly me..

Capital punishment and more violent punishments are the way
to go. The justice system now isnt working so maybe we
should look to the past for the way...