No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-06-11 23:35:03 (UTC)



You look at my with your inncoent eyes,
But I see right through your diguise.

I see the truth and all your lies,
Someone's heart always dies.

I think of the trust I had for you,
That trust isn't agreeing with you.

You know deep down what I'm saying is true,
You act like I never knew.

You aren't worth it,
You are worth anger, not one bit.

You weren't worth any of this shit,
Finally I decided to quit.

The cards are in my hand now,
You'll find that out somehow.

You wont win this game now,
I'll get you back somehow.

I won't be here when you need me,
Honesty is the key.

One day soon you will see,
Your game wasn't worth loosing me.

~Ashley Bott