Germany and Beyond
2001-06-18 13:24:35 (UTC)

My first entry...


Hey everyone! I have decided it would be a good idea to
keep an online diary of my expriences studying abroad in

For those who don't know, I am a junior at Albion College
majoring in Communication Science and German. I have been
living in Heidelberg, Germany for the past 5 months
studying german as a foreign language at the Univeristy of
Heidelberg - the oldest university in Germany.

I really love it here. The town is so beautiful and
romantic. There is a castle that I can look at whenever I
leave my dorm, and I am constantly surrounded by history
and mountains.

The first couple of months I was here I did nothing but
travel. I have visited Brussels, Amsterdam, Italy, France,
Austria, Salzburg, Münchin, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Berlin...I
can't remember them all. Some trips where better than
others, but I loved them all nevertheless. However, now I
am in school and have a fair amount of work to do. I am
getting sick of school and German professors. That is one
thing I can not stand in Germany. The teaching methods
here suck my ASS, but I have to deal with it for only 4
more weeks until I come home on the 24th of July.

I just recently got back from Salzburg where I did the most
trashy/fun/touristy thing I have done since I have been in
Europe. I went on a thing called "The ULTIMATE Sound of
Music Tour". We traveled in a tour bus with a bunch of
middle aged american housewives and some elderly. We then
proceeded to see the spots where the film was shot in and
around Salzburg whilst the soundtrack played on the bus.
It was so fun! I sang right along with everyone else and
got some really great pictures of me being Julie Andrews ala
Maria von Trapp. Salzburg is the most beautiful city I
have visited in Europe, I must say.

Before Salzburg, however, I went to München (Munich) and
ate some very traditional bavarian food and drank beer.
LOTS of beer. We went to the famous Hofbräuhaus and Gage,
Missy (my travel friends) and I drank 3 liters EACH of
beer. Needless to say, we were increadibly gone for when
they closed up the place at 1am. But, we met some pretty
fun people there. I met a girl named Julie from Quebec,
and she taught me French and I taught her some German. I
also met a guy (I think his name was Dominique) who I
taught dirty german phrases to. He wanted to learn how to
ask the German girls on a date, so I taught him to
say, "Willst du mit mir schlafen?"- which is "Do you want
to sleep with me?" I told him that would work like a
charm. He was from Quebec as well, and I then proceeded to
impress him and his other french speaking friends with my
newly acquired random French vocabulary. We said goodbye to our new
friends and left and then promptly got lost in München on the way
back to our hotel, thus having to take a cab back.

Well, I should probably go. I have a ton of homework to
do. I have to read Sophocles' Elektra in german for
tomorrow. That completely sucks. I hardly understand
Greek drama in English, let alone German. BLAH!
SO...until next time! Check back for more andventures and
what have you!