Jena's Rants
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2001-06-18 12:54:37 (UTC)

Green around the gills, the jewish party central, beach baby, and tears on the bus........

What a full weekend. Friday night I was ill beyond belief!
I had contracted some variety of food poisoning from a
restaurant that has a reputations as a fine establishment.
Hmm, who knew!? So instead of going out and having a great
Friday evening, (and the one I had planned would have
kicked ass), I stayed home and suffered laborious vomitting
and severe abdominal cramping. SO MUCH FUN!!! I was
feeling much better on Saturday though and I was able to
see everyone and go to Mr. Fake and Flashy's graduation
party. It was quite an experience....I got to meet Mr.
Fake and Flashy's uncle who I will henceforth refer to as
Dr. Love. He is a best seller of how to erotic books and
is quite an apothecary. He definitely struck a chord with
everyone at the party, and he had quite a fan club by the
close of the evening. Of course I got smashed and then I
went home with Hopinononefoot, who i still completely adore
even though he thinks I am "hard to inhale". I do realize
at times I do have an overpowering and annoying effect on
those around me, but you must realize that at the same time
I compell them to come back for more. I am kind of like a
9 volt battery. You don't want to put that sucker on your
tongue, but you just have to - it's soooooooo exhilirating!
Anyhoo, so Sunday morning I went to go to the beach with
the Parental Units, 'cause I had to take part in the Grand
Ol' Step-Father's Day. I made the necessary alterations,
you can trim up the rest as you see fit. Anyhoo, it was
pretty cool, got to prance around in me tini tiny bikini
and lax in the sun. This morning I finished reading this
wonderful little book called the "Little Prince" by Antoine
de Saint-Exupery. I am never this pathetic, but I cried me
lil eyes out on the bus. It was just so moving and yet so
simple. Beautiful. This is rare, so don't expect it
again. Mark this sign of sincere emotional movement on
your calendar and write you senators and other political
whoever's and work towards declaring this as a National
Holiday. Thanks for the lit Hoppy!

"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential
is invisible to the eyes."

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