a freak with a heart
2002-06-11 20:39:04 (UTC)

Sad Sad days :o(

i had such a sad day today! today was my last day of
classes *sniff* so now i wont see my friends til next year.
i am gonna miss them so so much. i got so close to a few
people this year and i really don't want to leave them

ok well lets see what happened today....

umm well today was very very hot! i was so emotionally
confused today. i am sad, hot, cuddly, and frustrated. confusing huh!

im sad because, im gonna miss all my friends, expecally
kelly, cara, dani, dillon, tyler, rachael, and evan. i was
ready to cry today in art class, and i made kelly cry in

yes it is very hot out. and if you have even been in
the hot hot sun with no breeze and no water you know how i
felt all day. lol dillon wanted to carry me around so i
didn't have to walk cause i was feeling sick from the heat. it was
the cuttest thing. i wouldn' have minded cause i was feeling really
bad and he attention felt good but i wouldn't let him i made up
so little reason and put a cute little voice behind it so
he wouldn't know something was wrong. cause i know i would
have hurt jeremy, he wouldn't have been ok about it, even if i never
told him about it, i would hurt inside cause i can't lie to him, and
it wouldn't have felt right to let another guy hold me even if he is
only a friend. and honestly i don't want anyone but jeremy to hold
me. aahhhhhh i need jeremya guy right now, and of course I CAN NOT
HAVE HIM. i just want a hug, reassurance, a kiss, a tender loving
touch,someone to hold me and cradle me and pay all attention on
me, someone who i can flirt with and have them do the same.
i want it all and i haven't had anything, not a kiss, not a hug, not
even holding of hands, NOTHING FOR 2 MONTHES NOW. it is enough to
drive a person insane. i mean i actually want to cry. im so alone! no
boyfriend to hold, no friends to play around with, nothing.
i want to cry!