A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-06-18 11:20:34 (UTC)

cake or death?

I get to feel alive in this ocean of negativity, I also get
to hear the hurt of other people
sometimes those people hurt so much inside, it reflects
people on the out side
if I knew the relevance to it all I would never question it
again. Nor would we need to comfort ones self in a paradox
of confusion, You cant hold up the earth, but you can hold
up someone's time. hold it up by what you say or do, having
some godamn empathy is not a bad thing, remember that next
time when you feel that the tedium of your problems, feels
like the weight of a planet. maybe, just maybe the person
your complain to, who never bothers any one with his
problems is careering the weight of 2 planets and doing
just fine, its all in a matter of how mentally strong your
are, your ability to over come old and new, knowing that
tomorrow might just smile down on you a little bit softer
next time
you can alter the atmosphere of some ones surroundings,
just by saying one word
in its self, verbal acts can be the cause of physical acts.
its just the structure of human impotence and melodramatic
self loathing, or is it not?
does this rabbit hole go any further? before you question
what it is, make sure its not something else. i don't live
in a black & white world, things arnt that simple and i
wish people would wake the fuck up and see its not, there
is always more sides to things then what is seen by just
your eyes....

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