Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-11 19:11:16 (UTC)

Computers do not like me...

Stuart came today, he brought his PlayStation 2 and DVDs
with him since he's going into some home thing tomorrow
for 22 days. Played some games with him before he went
next door. Watched Simspons then put my Desktop PC on to
scan some pictures. Lo and behold, the windows registry is
fudged up. It says to run scandisk or something. Thing is,
I only know how to get to it with Windows active so I'm
probably fudged. I could reformat everything but I'd have
to get the disks and then transfer all the stuff from
disks to it again. Too much effort, I'm trying to use IBM
recovery software to see if that will fix it. Looks like
I'm off to see "About a Boy" or whatever its called with
Christine and others. Doubt it'll be much fun. Need to
shower now, I'm already too much of a skank.