ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-06-11 18:33:37 (UTC)

i always get myself into sum craze shit

well whut up ninjas? i havent been writing lately cuz ive
been working like non-stop..i havent had a day off since
friday.its sum bullshit but at least imma have a phat ass
paycheck.well i was talking to damien aka blaze aka travis
aka a million other names. and he wanted me to hang out
with him friday well i go over there and we hung out and he
tried to talk me into goin out with him and i just kept
ignoring it.well we went to a party at bobbys that night
and he asked me again and i couldnt help it i said yes...i
kno i have a bf again....i always get myself into sum
bullshit.and i kno he'll prolly fuck me over cuz hes a thug
like that and shit...but he seems to really dig me so i
dunno.whatever. at least i get to chill with him and derek
more .they even came to see me at work last night.
well i been working alot and its not that bad ..,i just
hate when i mess up sumthin.so i work today 4-close but
i'll get out early more than likely cuz we was slow as fuck
last night and prolly will be tonight too.oh well that
means i get out early.
maybe i can get ahold of derek and them.hopefully..
well i gotta go get a shower.

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