Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-06-18 09:31:32 (UTC)

this hand

Ok this is really haveing to do with the last entry.
cause even though Im out and I mean Im out.NO guns no drugs
no one trying to barrow money calling late at night no one
calling for some back up. Nothing just as square as they
come, my life is still surrounded by that life.
Parole, cops,record,FBI file,parole card in my pocket.
And the homeboys still doing time,A funeral how could I
have known, Im out the loop,disturbing phone calls about
bro I gotta get a hold of you Im not at a # you can reach.
Well I know somones on the run and now I gotta stess about
a homboy turning a violation into a ten year strech.
Its not my life anymore but it still effects me.packages
to be sent.homboys gotta have some store money.Its not my
job or even really my responcabilty but Im lolyal and a
friend is a friend no matter there choices and you know if
I though for one second theyd jepordise what Ive got going
on I cut em loose but no they know about respect and what
good looking out is all about and who I am and what Im
trying to do.
Its really weird though cause somtimes I forget who Im
trying to be and what comes with it.Ok so Ive got the hook
to get over time on the weekends fucking cake walk.
my boy does days and I do nights probly an hours woth of
work but I go by the shop a couple times a night.
So my boy calls and is like hey you dont gotta go by
there till ten cause ricks over there typing a paper.then
this rick dude calls and hes like hey bro dont even trip
cause Im over here typeing a paper so Ill handle all this
for you Im just good looking out brother.so I dont go by
till ten and when I get there this mother fuckers time card
is punched in with my hours on it.
So hence Im pissed no one asked this bitch to go by there
and look in and I was on my way I always handle biz but
dude calls with all this drag about Im over here anyway
this and that but alls he was doing was stepping on my toes.
So atuo Im like cool Ill just go to work tomarro and smash
this dude for the serious disrespect.And first thing I
though was what does dude think Im just some fucking lame.
hes through he doesnt even know.
But then I saw it and of course dude thinks Im just some
lame I mean thats what Ive been shooting for right.

Anyways and such is life you never know I might just smash
dude and be in prision or on the run by this time tomarro.
You never know how this hand will be played out.
I really think Im smarter than that but you cant call it
in the air.
With endless love and respect