Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-18 09:05:37 (UTC)

train spotting

Ok so heres the lowdown This is for all the kids and
parents and even everyone out there running feeling and
killing the pain.
I saw train spotting tonight and fuck thats a lovley flix
its about the realist junkie flix Ive ever seen.
There really is no way to show the pain or torment of the
junkie soul.
OK being a junkie no matter how or where it starts always
winds up being about running from the pain and the more you
run the more damage you do along the way and it just
becomes one more reason to use.
In the flix he rambles it shows him steeling car batterys
and a TV and some shit and hes saying it so clear better
than I could ever speak it. Its about just running and
running and it gets to the point where your really just
waiting for it to break for this endless cycle to stop go
to prision die what ever but just waiting for it to break
weather you know it or not.
I lived by three words CASH CRANK and CHAUOS and that
movie is just fucking total hot item. When hes kicking at
his mom and dads theres all these medifores for his pain
and regret like this baby that died crawling on the cealing
or his boy that went to prision all chained up sitting on
the door frame or some shit.
And if you ever check out a junkie and wonder how come
they keep doing stupid shit or think how can they live like
that. Its really kinda easy cause who has time to look
aroud when you trying to kill the pain.
In the end he makes it out and he says Im gonna be just
like you the job the car kids christmas' its just fucking
rad but the cold reality about it is while you watch him
walking away hes the only one everyone else in that flix
just lost to the game.
with hope and love and respect
spit fire